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All the applicable Terms and Conditions for our customers, users and clients to use this website and to purchase the products and avail the services are as following. Consider the Terms and Conditions mentioned on this page as an agreement between you and Health Sutra Kohinoor. Please read and understand this agreement carefully prior you continue using this website. We may make changes in Terms and Conditions very often due to various requirements and that’s why you may notice some changes in it from your previous visit.
If you keep browsing our website then it indicates that you accept our Terms and Conditions without having any concern or disagreement with the same. Check this page whenever in future you use this website so you can stay updated with current Terms and Conditions. If you are having any disagreement with the terms or conditions, then you shall stop using the website instantly because your continuous use would be termed as an acceptance for this agreement.


Terms and Conditions that are mentioned on this page will control your rights for this website. If you have any previous version of terms or conditions, then you can disregard that because only currently updated terms are acceptable.

Persons of 18 years age or above only are allowed to browse our website Health Sutra Kohinoor. If you are below this age, then you need to take your parents or guardians permission to use our website and to order Sexual Enhancement products from us. If there is a restriction by the local laws on using such products which are not approved by FDA, then we would suggest you to abide by the law and not to order it from us. We cannot be held responsible for these local laws therefore you shall check things wisely before using our website or before ordering product from us.

We may, at times, need to make changes to the mentioned Terms and Conditions and this can be done without giving a prior notice to you or any other person. You have this acceptance that we gave all the warranties and information to you properly and it’s approved as per terms and conditions.

We make every effort to ensure that each and every detail that you see on Health Sutra Kohinoor website is complete, accurate and updated. However, some of the content on the website might be outdated, inaccurate or incomplete due to different reasons.

Images, description, statistics or specifications posted on this website regarding penis enlargement are for informational purpose only. These provide you an approximate idea about the process, efficiency and outcomes of this penis enlargement solution.

While accessing the Health Sutra Kohinoor website or buying products, your conduct are bound to be inoffensive and legal. You should follow all the general practices that are recommended by your community for keeping high standards of the society.

There might be some content or graphics on our website Health Sutra Kohinoor that may be adult in nature. This content may also consist of some images and videos. This adult graphical content may or may not be linked directly with our penis enlargement medicine. By browsing this website, you acknowledge these graphical contents and you would not take it in an offensive manner. Also, you need to agree that you are using this website in your knowledge.

We tried to mention the information in completely user friendly manner. So please make sure you read it carefully and understand it as well.

We attempt to mention the necessary information and other data in user-friendly manner. Please ensure you read carefully and understand the content. In case you have a doubt or enquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Order of Products

We reserve all right to accept or decline any order placed on our Health Sutra Kohinoor website for sexual enhancement or penis enlargement supplements.

When you choose COD (Cash on Delivery) for an order placed on our website then you may get a confirmation call from our team. In the process, we may record the call as a proof of COD order for future reference. If you refuse to accept the order after placing the order then you will have to pay for shipping fees both side, else we will have the right to take all necessary legal actions against you.

Make sure you provide correct and complete shipping address while placing an order on our site. We will not be responsible for your order shipped at wrong address or not being shipped, if you provide us wrong, incorrect or incomplete information. We will consider your email confirmation, phone confirmation or order on phone as proof for the same.

Availability of the products and delivery of the orders depend on the stock. If a product you are looking to buy is not in stock, then we will give you details about as soon as we have availability of the product with us. In this situation, you can wait till the product is available again. If you do not want to wait then you can cancel the order and get refund in the case of prepaid order.

You can contact us via phone or email at the contact details provided on website, if you have any concern, complaint, issue related to our Health Sutra Kohinoor website or products offered.

While delivering the order at your address, our courier partner can make three attempts if required. You will be also contacted via phone on the number provided by you while booking the order. However, if you are not available on phone or on your given address and if package is not received by you or on your behalf, then you will be held responsible for this situation. In this case, your money back guarantee will not be accepted. Moreover, if the order is COD then we may also ask you to pay for the shipping charges from both sides.

To ensure a safe, prompt and damage-free delivery of products, we collaborate with renowned courier partners. Packaging is done in a way to keep your order safe and discreet in case of sexual enhancement needs. Still if you get it in damaged situation, then you can refuse to take the product from the delivery guy. We would suggest you to take the pictures of damaged boxes and send them to us, if you deny taking the package so that we can take the necessary action in a timely manner. This information will

help us identify the packaging and we would also have enough details to raise complaint to the relevant courier partner.

When you return a product then we only take back the packages which are in their original packing. We will not be able to take back the open boxes, and we will refund you money only for the received boxes. In the refund amount we will deduct 10% processing fees and all the shipping charges.

We can use the details provided by you while accessing Health Sutra Kohinoor or ordering a product to contact you for promotional or informational purpose. For detailed policies regarding use, protection and sharing of information, you can visit Privacy Policy page on our website.


The term liability is used here for any kind of damage, proceedings, actions, expenses, cost, claims and all kind of other losses. At Health Sutra Kohinoor, we do not make any kind of warranty for the penis enlargement or sexual enhancement products that we sell on our website. We never give any kind of commitment about suitability or acceptance of the material for any specific or nonspecific purpose. All the products or materials that you see on our website or you receive have no warranties in any manner.

We specifically DENY ALL THE WARRANTIES FOR THE PENIS ENLARGEMENT PRODUCTS THAT YOU SEE ON OUR WEBSITE. This denial of warranties is applicable on title, merchantability, fitness and all the other factors as well.

Different types of content such as opinions, statements, data or recommendation which you see on our website are based on the information acquired or received from third party. These details also include medical research, customer testimonials, statements by experts that endorse our penis enlargement medicine, suppliers of the products, volunteers participating via internet forums and other available literature. We or any representative of Health Sutra Kohinoor never vouch for the accuracy, reliability, opinion or claims that you see on our website. Therefore, we consider your use of our website as a confirmation from you that if you trust on any of these things or opinions, then you will take all responsibilities for that. The penis enlargement solution that we provide to you is delivered to you “As is” and we do not add any kind of warranties for same on our website.

We make the best efforts to keep our website safe, secured and completely free from any kind of virus, Trojans or other malwares. Still we recommend you to use proper security measures on your own when you access Health Sutra Kohinoor or any other website. We will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage occurred, if you get any kind of virus or other infection in your computer or network while browsing our website to learn more about our penis enlargement solution.

We do not take or accept any kind of liability for the failure or defect of the products in any situation. It means that we cannot be held responsible in any case, if you do not get the required results with our sexual enhancement and penis enlargement products because of misuse, abuse, modification in the production or any other complicated issue.

Consulting from an authorized and professional medical practitioner is recommended before using our penis enlargement products. Especially, if you are already taking some supplements or other medicines, it may cause compatibility issue with our products. Apart from that, your medical or physical condition may not allow you the consumption of the supplements. We will not take the responsibility of any kind of side effects or injuries due to lack of expert advice, health conditions or any other reasons.

At any situation, if some or the other point related to Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition or any other reason create a dispute or disagreement between you and us then first you shall raise a question to our customer resolution department regarding it. If we or our customer service are not able to solve the dispute in proper way, then also disputes should remain between you and us and you are not allowed to include any third party (such as social media, newspaper or other people) in the dispute apart from court. If you do that, then we will have all the right to reject all of your claims. Also, we do not take any kind of responsibility that you see on other websites. Other than this, all the warranties that you see on our website are subject to change in the light of new information and knowledge.

This agreement also states that in case of breach of these terms, Health Sutra Kohinoor and all of its authorities, representatives, employees, directors, distributors, and affiliates will not be responsible for any kind of damage, loss, claim and other actions.

All the exclusions and disclaimers that you see on our website are applicable for all content, services, merchandise and everything else that you see on our website.

Here, you must understand that these restrictions and conditions are not above the law and you shall check your local laws to know or enquire more about these prohibitions or limitations.

Enforcement of the Terms and Conditions

We enforce the Terms and Conditions mentioned here and you should not expect any kind of relieving for the points of this agreement in any case. If you see any kind of mismatch in our terms, conditions or information, then we will have no responsibility for those legal matters. You must understand that all legal aspects and laws will remain as it is as per the locations but it will not affect our work in any manner.

There might be delay in the delivery of the order sometimes. We will not be responsible for delay cause of various reasons including things that are not in our control such as fire, dispute in labour, delays from contractors, lock outs due to various reasons, acts of God such as flood or war or similar other issues. If we see any of these delays because of such issues, then you may need to wait for those many days for the delivery of your order.

None of the third parties can have any enforcement for Terms and Condition and all those rights shall be excluded in every situation. While using our products to meet the purpose of sexual enhancement or penis enlargement, one shall follow proposal, instructions and other details as mentioned on our website. If you had any previous communication for same, then you can ignore that if those communications, term and conditions are different than the current policy. In addition, any kind of change or modification in this policy will not have any effect unless it is approved from Health Sutra Kohinoor and its officials on paper with seal.

Customer services

We understand that you may have disagreement with any terms, conditions or services despite of us always trying to provide you best-in-class services. In case of having a question, doubt or complaint regarding our services and policies, then you are welcome to get in touch with our customer support team via phone or email.